Monument Tools at CMB Distributors

Monument Tools is an Innovative, UK based, Privately Owned company which Designs, Manufactures and Markets Professional Quality Tools for Plumbing, Roofing and Drainage under the Monument Brand. Monument Tools sells to Trade and DIY through Selected Wholesale, Builders & Plumbers Merchants.

For five generations, family-owned Monument Tools has manufactured professional quality tools for plumbing, roofing and drainage. Based in Hackbridge, Surrey and named after the Monument to the Great Fire of London in 1666, Monument’s hallmark of innovation and investment in manufacturing processes and product design have made it one of the largest hand tool manufacturers in Europe.

Monument traces its history back to 1880, when George Collier started trading as a tool merchant in London’s Cornwall Road, Brixton. As George’s son, Arthur Collier Snr took over the business, moving it to Electric Avenue, Brixton, his brother Alfred started selling plumbing tools as A Collier & Co in King William Street, close to the Monument to the Great Fire of London. In 1908 Monument was listed as a registered trademark along with the device, a representation of the Monument.

During the First World War, Arthur Collier Snr produced tools that no other manufacturer had. He did this by inventing tools himself or buying patents or obtaining licences to manufacture and sell from patent owners. He also made tools for the Ministry of Supply for the War Effort, producing amongst other things, wing compasses, examples of which still come to light. In 1924 he bought the patent to the Shetack Saw from the inventor and in 1930 he designed the Shetack Basin Wrench. Trading commenced as The Shetack Tool Works on Brixton Road.

In 1931 Shetack and Monument Brand tools were exhibited at the Building Exhibition in the National Hall Olympia for the first time. In 1933 The Shetack Tool Works Ltd was incorporated and became a separate company. Products sold by Colliers were incorporated in the Shetack Tool Works plumbing tool range.

To this day, the majority of Monument’s products ranging from small pipe cutters to manhole cover lifters are proudly Made in Britain and references to a Shetack or a Monument within the industry are well understood, testament to the company’s enduring reputation for quality and brand. Monument Tools remains an innovative, UK based, privately owned company, managed by the Collier family offering quality, craftsmanship and a legacy of manufacturing experience.