Intergas Heating at CMB Distributors

Dutch manufacturer Intergas has always been a pioneering company and, when it developed its revolutionary bithermic heat exchanger over 20 years ago, it not only became a household name in the Netherlands, but the leading boiler brand too. In the UK the Intergas name may not be as well-known, but as many installers will confirm, it punches way above its weight. With its track record of reliability, energy efficiency and sustainability, all benefits your customers demand, this boiler is now increasingly in demand.

What makes this boiler so different from others is its ingenious design, developed over 20 years ago, that’s so simple yet advanced, it remains at the cutting edge of boiler technology today. Here’s what make Intergas the brand your customers deserve:

  • Every boiler only has four moving parts; with fewer parts, there’s less to go wrong.

  • The robust aluminium and copper heat exchanger is as reliable as they come, and avoids the need for a diverter valve, valve motor and secondary hot water plate heat exchanger – basically all the parts that stick, leak and let you down aren’t there.

  • It’s the only boiler in the UK which condenses all of the time in both heating and hot water modes, which keeps energy bills and emissions low.

  • The newest boilers, the Xtreme and the Xclusive, only emit between 17.06-20.33 mg/kWh of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and are the lowest-NOx domestic boilers in the world.

But the benefits don’t end there. There are only three plastic components in the entire boiler: the pressure sensor, ignition module and internal flue, making the boiler 90% recyclable; direct hot water is served by a separate circuit so, should the pump fail, the system will always deliver hot water; our smart boilers all have software that enables you to interrogate and change parameter settings from your phone or dashboard, saving you time while earning your customers’ gratitude, as you can prevent a potential problem from developing into one.

There are six boilers in the range, the Xtreme, Xclusive, Eco RF, HRE, Rapid and Rapid Plus, and there will be one that suits your customer’s budget and hot water and heating requirements perfectly.